Oral History

Oral History #38
Phil Steinberg, b. 1931

by EFHS • July 25, 2018

Phil Steinberg, former president of the East Falls Community Council, talks about coming to East Falls in 1964, his role in the formation of the East Falls Historical Society, and his vision for the future of the community.

Oral History #37
Herb Henze, b. 1937

by EFHS • July 25, 2018

Herb talks about growing up in East Falls during WWII – rationing, etc. He also gives an absorbing account of his business -Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co (“Penn Reels”).

Oral History #35
Robert Levy, b. 1931

by EFHS • July 25, 2018

These two interviews focus on Mr. Levy’s career and family, his uncle, William S. Paley (founder of CBS), his father Leon Levy, Frank Sinatra’s wedding to Ava Gardner (supposedly in East Falls), his friendship with the Kelly family, and how the Levy/Paley mansions became part of Jefferson University, via Penn Charter.

Oral History #34
Stan Gorski

by EFHS • May 3, 2018

This interview is with Stan Gorski, Director, Paul J. Gutman Library at Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University). Library Director Stan Gorski gives the history of the significant buildings on the Philadelphia University campus.

Oral History #33
Gerald (Jerry) Porto, b. 1928

by EFHS • May 2, 2018

Jerry Porto, born on Calumet Street in East Falls, talks about his life in East Falls – St. Bridget, Ridge Avenue, making wine at home.

Oral History #32
Robert Freed

by EFHS • May 2, 2018

Robert shares his memories of Old Academy Players.

Oral History #31
Joe Petrone (1943 – 2015)

by EFHS • May 2, 2018

Joe’s remarkable memory offers the reader humorous and detailed memories of his life spent in East Falls.

Oral History #30
Edna Woolley, b. 1901

by EFHS • April 25, 2018

Edna talks about “Methodist Row” on Sunnyside, being a homemaker, and medical care – with details about Ms. Dunn, the local midwife.

Oral History #29
Rose Whittey, b. 1899

by EFHS • April 25, 2018

Born in East Falls, Rose gives a detailed account of working at Dobson Mills. She also describes her house on Sunnyside, St. Bridget School, and local stores.

Oral History #28
Kelly Sisters

by EFHS • April 25, 2018

Entertaining interview with the sisters of Grace Kelly reminiscing about their growing up in East Falls.