Historical Marker Placed at Kelly House

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

The long awaited Pennsylvania Historical Marker honoring the Kelly Family was dedicated on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 1:00 p.m. at McMichael Park, 3800 Henry Avenue.

Here Comes the Hohenadel Beer Project

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

This October, Hohenadel House is going back to its roots! There won’t be horse-drawn carriages or gas lamps in the streets, but we’re bringing back the best of that old world: classic Bavarian lager beer, and the catfish and waffles that made the Falls famous.

Lager, Our Hometown Brew

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

Strictly speaking, every beer is either a lager or an ale. Ales were here first, an ancient brew. Top-fermented, known for fruitiness, bitterness, and high alcohol content. Lagers are bottom-fermented, thanks to a special strain of yeast developed by Bavarian monks in the 1300’s.

What’s In a Name? East Falls, Street-By-Street

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

We’ve got three “Queen” lanes in East Falls — Queen, New Queen, and Indian Queen — but does anyone know who this “Queen/queen” is?

When Oysters Were Peanuts

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

They sure loved their oysters at the Hohenadel Brewery on Indian Queen Lane. We found hundreds of shells at the site this morning, unearthed by a construction crew digging up the site of the old brewery for condominiums.

The Hessians Are Coming! (For Our Beer)

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

It wasn’t as famous as Paul Revere’s warning, but the cry “The Hessians are coming!” was, for many colonial Americans, a terrifying prospect. And in 1777, our own Indian Queen Lane was “Ground Zero” for an entire encampment.

When Were Streets Renamed? A fourth-generation Fallser writes in …

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

Tony Gallagher asks a deceptively simple question about when some of the streets in East Falls were renamed: One question I’ve always had, what year were the street names changed?

East Falls Hessians and a Betsy Ross Connection?

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

Thanks to the Chadwick Papers*, we’ve got information to add to our “Hessians Are Coming” post. We now know the names of two Hessian commanders who were encamped in the East Falls area, one of whom may have had a liaison with Betsy Ross.

Hohenadel House: A Neighborhood Collector’s Item

by EFHS • June 23, 2017

Old houses attract passionate people – especially houses that are falling down and need rescue. Since we’ve been blogging about East Falls’ own fixer upper, we’ve encountered all kinds of other history nuts who’ve been thrilled to open their collections and share everything they know, including crazy theories, alternate histories, and dream scenarios. But they’ve […]

Woodside Park: Gone But Not Forgotten

by EFHS • June 6, 2016

Fallsers loved Woodside Park, a Coney Island-like amusement park in West Fairmount Park built by the Fairmount Park Transportation Company in 1897. Like Chestnut Hill and Willow Grove Parks, Woodside was built along a trolley route. Ten miles of trolley tracks surrounded it. Woodside Park closed in 1955, but memories are still fresh and evocative […]